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Plugin name: tags

The tags plugin adds the ability for HepBoat to respond with a custom message to a configured tag name.

A tag can also be called directly with its name and the guild prefix (e.g. !mytag).


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!tags add {name} {content} OR !tags create {name} {content}Create a tag.Trusted!tags add yes Yes hello friend OR !tags create wow oh yes
!tags show {name} OR !tags {name} OR !tag {name}Call a tag.Trusted!tags show popcorn OR !tags popcorn
!tags edit {name} {new content}Edit content of existing tag.Moderator!tags edit owo More OWO!
!tags remove {name} OR !tags rm {name} OR !tags del {name}Remove tag by name.Trusted!tags remove popcorn
!tags info {name}Get detailed info on a tag.Trusted!tags info popcorn
!tags all OR !tags listList all tags in the server.Trusted!tags all

Tag Flags

When calling a tag (e.g. !mytag or !tag mytag), you may add the following arguments in any combination.

FlagDescriptionArg TypeUsage
-cSend the tag into another channel.snowflake or mention!owo -c 532576772164812820 OR !owo -c #chat
-uMention a certain user when returning contents.snowflake or mention!owo -u 148359099782791168 OR !owo -u @JakeyPrime

Tag Content Tokens

The following tokens can be used in tag contents to dynamically generate content when a tag is called.

{user}Will mention the joining user.
{server}Will include the server name.
{channel}Will mention the current channel.
{r<snowflake>}Will mention the specified role.
{c<snowflake>}Will mention the specified channel.
{u<snowflake>}Will mention the specified user.

Configuration Options

max_tag_lengthMaximum length for a tag.intempty
min_level_remove_othersMinimum level for a user to delete another user's tags.int50

Configuration Example

max_tag_length: 100
min_level_remove_others: 55


Tag calls and commands can be hardened by using the Commands Configuration.

In overrides, the following special names are available.

tags-usrUsers that can trigger tag calls.
tags-usr-allowed-rolesAllows roles to run tags anywhere regardless of other override or lockdown settings.

The hierarchy of overrides for tags calls is

1. tag-usr-allowed-roles
3. tag-usr

meaning that the overrides for a specific trigger will override the overrides for tag-usr.

In lockdown, the following special name is available.

tags-usrUsers that can trigger tag calls.

An example of a hardened configuration:

- name: mytag
level: 10
- name: tags-usr
level: 50
- tags
level: 100
- name: tags-usr
channels: [532709830767542303] # chat

The above configuration sets the following:

  • allows tag commands (e.g. !tags edit) to be only called by users level 100 or higher
  • allows !mytag to be called by users level 10 or higher ONLY in channel #chat.
  • allows all other tag calls (e.g. !othertag) to be called by users level 50 or higher ONLY in channel #chat.