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Please Note:
Server owners and staff accept that our team will only provide support for bot issues, NOT with setting the bot up for you. If you are having issues after a reasonable amount of research, trial, and error, feel free to join the support server, and we will try our best to help with any issues that may arise. Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove your whitelist if we feel HepBoat is not right for your community.


The global plugin in enabled in all HepBoat configurations with basic HepBoat information commands.


!pingReturns a phrase to indicate bot responsiveness.Moderator!ping
!docsReturns a list of documentation links.Default!docs
!aboutReturns a list of servers the bot is in and current uptime.Default!about
!helpReturns an embed with a list of common moderation commands and documentation links.Default!help
!dashboardReturns an embed with a link to the HepBoat dashboard.Default!dashboard
!staffReturns an embed with a list of HepBoat staff.Default!staff
!uptimeReturns the current uptime.Default!uptime