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  • Huge amount of bug fixes and improvements
  • Added some command aliases for the lazy, yours to discover!
  • Added some "HepBoat is typing" indicators for commands that may run for a long time
  • An entire badge system? Check your local info command today!

  • v-snap command for mods to get list of users currently in voice chat with them. (helpful for checking later when there's issues going on)

  • Ability to turn off twitch announcing the stream, still granting a role if one is specified to grant to those streaming.

  • Twitch notification webhooks
  • Twitch notification streamer name/avatar
  • Twitch notification footer (twitch logo, Live @ time)

  • Bug fixes for undefined prefixes in channel configs
  • Bug fixes for nickname censor
  • Control messages for reloading plugins
  • Control messages for guild join/leave
  • Change default logging to WARNING, command to change log level at will
  • (In progress) Webhooks for twitch notifications

  • Auto level VC issues are fixed
  • Twitch plugin
    • Can set configs to strings now. This means you can have the same channel multiple times
      • Allows setting channel_id in each config to specify the channel id
    • Fixed regex issues when specifying custom messages
    • Embeds and message now use the display name not the login name
  • Discord invites in censor plugin are escaped
  • Clean all and clear will no longer delete pinned messages
  • Cleaned up role reactions
    • Reactions that should not be on a message will be removed (Slowly so it doesn't hit rate limits)
    • Specifying join_only or leave_only as an emoji list item will set that reaction to only allow the role to be joined or left but not both.
  • Reworked most of the mass infraction commands. No timeouts will occur meaning you can mass ban etc quickly as expected.
  • Tags with PNG and JPEG should correctly attach the picture and NOT include the URL

  • Updated auto level to include guild rank, top command and the ability for global admins to import points from tatsumaki and mee6

  • Reddit notify role
  • Fixed some reddit plugin unescape issues
  • clean deletes command
  • Announcement config and command to send announcements to a channel
  • Autoclean configuration
  • Reaction based roles

  • New plugin!! Autolevel that reward roles for users participation in chat!