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  • Huge feature! Now, you can now have embeds for your logs! Just enable it with modlog mode: pretty
  • Added delay_sec to Reddit plugin to delay posting things until they are at least x seconds old, so that it doesn't post things that may get removed by a bot or even your own mods.
  • Add subreddit name and time posted in footer for reddit feed posts in pretty format.
  • Bug fixes, more auto deletes have been removed, and stability improvements.
  • Added more information to footer embeds for Reddit, to show the sub it's coming from, and the time it was posted.
  • Fixed tags to be a little faster and not completely stop working whenever it feels like it.
  • Adjusted !server info details to be more verbose.
  • !info only shows 25 roles max for a user for those spicy guilds that broke the info command with 200 roles. You know who you are
  • Blocked words censor works on message attachment names.